In search for meaning

This article contains sharings from the training group Systemic Rituals 4:

There is a lot of search for meaning in upsetting und uncertain times like these. Daan shared in his ritual meditation for troubled times “us to remember that we are surrounded by resources, no matter what the situation is. That we may find clarity, courage and keep acting in ways that support ourselves and others”.

So what kind of clarity can this period give us? Meghan shared this essence: “In the constellation community there are many people constellating the Corona Virus. The outcomes differ a bit based on country and what other components are added, but the virus itself continually shows to be a trigger in revealing what isn’t working and a call to awaken”.

That’s beautiful. In the forced stopping of our daily routines we can hear the echo’s of our lives before. In the silence of the quarantine our rhythms are revealed, not only in what we miss, but also in those habits that we might want to leave behind.

Like Bärbel wrote: “I found in my prayer that, connecting with the west, I long for a change in the world and I need to stop thinking “I have to DO more”. I realized in the west, being still and letting the doors open themselves for new possibilities in the world, holding space, witnessing, is what gives the New the possibility to show up. So I have to let go (west) of the idea, I am DOING it. Mostly with our doing, we stand in the way of life wanting to unfold”.

That is a beautiful gift. So could you say that the virus is mostly an invitation for more self-awareness and allowing ourselves to be an instrument? Meghan did a constellation with a friend and came up with this insight:

“As I stood in front of her, representing the virus, I felt tremendous energy come out of me. I didn’t want to attack and felt misunderstood in many ways, like the Beast in Beauty and the Beast – feared but soft inside. I (as the virus) got calmer as she recognized her feelings toward me – grief, anger and some sadness. When we explored the purpose of the virus, the virus itself couldn’t answer. It was for her to determine the purpose for her.

We changed roles and she represented the virus for me – who am I as I face it? It was like a mirror, showing me parts of myself to face now. Several of the thoughts I’ve had the last few days came to me again, things to do, things to face and words to say. It was like the virus is triggering a deep cleaning. Again, it didn’t want to attack and it wasn’t the job of the virus to tell me its purpose. I determine its purpose based on what I do with what it reveals to me”.

What is interesting is the assumption that there might be at least 7,77 billion different purposes (that is from the limited assumption that only people can create meaning).

She continues: “There are many takeaways from this quick yet profound exercise, but what I want to share with you today based on this is: It’s up to us how we want to live this experience. It’s not the virus who will tell us its purpose, so we shouldn’t look outward. It’s for each of us to look inward and realize and act individually. As we do this individually, we work for the greater good of all, for humanity”.

So, might we all have our own individual work to do? Daan shared this amazing simple and strong ritual of the wheel, most of you will have seen it already, that invites us to do so:

So the direction seems looking inward, to find the resources around us. And if possible, with our own magical ingredient. Like Sigolene does when she makes her daily runes circles in the forest:

She came up with two runes per direction, and I added my interpretations in parentheses:

In the West Turisaz (the gate between earth and the divine, the mirror of what needs to be examined inside, oversee your life and let go) and Uruz (ending and new beginnings, chances behind the loss, the new life is always greater then the old);

In the South Laguz (comforting our emotional needs, align intuitive knowing with your inner rhythms, reconsideration) and Mannaz (relationship with self, living the normal live in a unusual way, experience the true now);

In the East Algiz (protection from unwanted influences that come with new opportunities, be attentive, observe and keep your space open) and Pertho (Initiation, what can be accomplished is not easily shared, a limited possibility for influence);

In the North Hagalaz (the great awakeshaker, the disturbing force of nature, your soul desires the acceptance that loss is needed for your growth) and Wunjo (receive your blessings, recovery and reconnection with the higher self, joy).

Birgit did find a very charming experiment of a magical ingredient with her variation of the surprise egg exercise. She did buy an “überraschungsei” and then she rattled and asked for inspiration and insights to understand the meaning and purpose of the virus. The egg contained a stamp for paper with footprints of a red fox:

Her first association was the ecological footprint: “it measures human demand on nature. The imprint of the toy is literally a footprint. In this analogy we humans are the fox, we leave a footprint on earth . (…) I realized that it was not easy to find the right amount of pressure that was needed. I had to try out to find the right intensity neither to destroy the paper nor to make no imprint at all. My interpretation was: we have to learn to regulate the power / force we use, so that we find the right balance between to less and too strong. Another insight was that corona has a connection with our relationship to nature, to mother earth and the climate crisis. There are similarities in both crises”.

She also did find five more associations, here is another one: “the figure of the animal is splitted, divided in the middle (that’s a result of the construction: I had to put two pieces together to build up the fox). This split is a symbol for the split, the polarity in humans, e.g. people who are concerned about climate change and those who deny the climate change. Or people who deny the seriousness and the danger of the virus and those who take it for granted that it is very dangerous. It is necessary to bring both groups of people together. With the animal figure this is only possible with violence. It takes a lot of strength to press the two halves together. And it took me several attempts to get the two halves together. This means that several phases, rounds are required so that the two groups come closer and the differences are overcome. In any case, both halves press down on the paper, so: regardless of which group you belong to, both groups cause an imprint”.

“By itself we, we humans, don’t leave a (negative) footprint, only with pressure from outside. (…). The fox itself (= we humans) has no destructive intention, it just wants to play and with this playful spirit of adventure it causes an imprint. (..). So caution and mindfulness is important and necessary (…) The fox is red – that’s an alarm colour. So: the fox is the virus; the paper is a symbol for the humans. The fox is young, naïve, playful. The fox has no negative intention. Nevertheless, still the fox can damage the paper.
 And the fox itself has no purpose without a paper; it is useless without the paper. That means: the virus alone has no effect. Only in combination with humans the virus has an effect, a meaning”.

So, where does that leave us in April 2020? Like Daan uses to say: “the past is gone, the future is not yet here, and here we are”. These times seem to me a period for building up our resources, helping to find meaning and sharing our magical ingredients. With love consciousness and connectedness with our whole planet. Meghan wrote it like this in her article about the illusion of seperation: “this epidemic is giving us a tremendous opportunity to look at ourselves and any separation we have believed to be true”.

I like to close this article with a poem that reminds me of an exercise we did with Daan, where he did let us experience that the challenge and the gift, always come together:

The Gift

The most beautiful gifts in life

Do unexpectedly pop-up

They make resilience come alive

And are never neatly wrapped up


So careful attention is a must

Seduction hides a lot of lies

Wrapping paper you can’t trust

Real gifts only come in disguise


Genuine gifts can’t be dismissed

They show themselves without consent

Be suspicious what the future promised

Only the now, is the real present


Whatever you are going through

What and who you trust matters a lot

Life is always helping you

Especially when you think it is not


Wishing all of you a healthy and openhearted Easter,

Warm greetings, Steffan